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Prurity: 98.5%min.
Molecular Formula C10H13NO2. HCl
Molecular Weight 215.68
CAS Registry Number 5557-83-5
EINECS 226-920-4
Purity: 99%
Purity: 99.0%min
Moisture: 0.07%max
Acidity: 0.07%max

Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid
200kg net plastic drum or iron drum, 1000kg IBC ...
Molecular Formula C8H15NO4
Molecular Weight 189.21
CAS Registry Number 7764-95-6

Name BOC-D-Alanine
Synonyms N-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-D-alanine; BOC-D-Ala-OH
Molecular formula: C12H12O2
Molecular weight: 212

Benzyl benzoate is a colorless or pale yellow viscous transparent liquid in the standard conditions. In the ...
Acceptance Criteria

White or almost white crystalline powder, no order and bitter. Practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in anhydrous ...
Glucosamine Function

Recent scientific studies have shown that glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride have Assisted in rebuilding cartilage, slow the progression of ...
Purity: 80%min.
Assay; 90%min
Cas No. 97-69-8
Molecular Formula: C5H9NO3
Isopropyl salicylate
CAS Registry Number 607-85-2
EINECS 210-143-2
Isopropyl salicylate

Molecular Formula C10H12O3
Molecular Weight 180.20
CAS Registry Number ...
Irritate medicine for dephlogistication, analgesia, partially used in joint and muscle pain and as ointment to cure rheumatism

Irritate medicine for dephlogistication, and ...
1. Molecular weight: 509.69

CAS No.: 4468-02-4

EINECS NO.: 224-736-9

Appearance: White crystalline powder.

Organoleptic: Odorless and tasteless.

Solubility: It is ...
Purity: 98.5%min.
Methyl cinnamate
CAS NO. 103-26-4
M. F: C10H10O2
M. W: 162.19
Appearance: White to light yellow crystal or liquid

Purity: ≥ 99%
Product name: Propyl cinnamate
Purity: 99% min
CAS: 7778-83-8
MF: C12H14O2
CAS NO.: 98-86-2
M. F: C8H8O
M. W: 120.15
Appearance: White crystal to clear liquid
Maltitol is a kind of sugar alcohol made from starch through hydrolysis, hydrogenation. It is a kind of colorless, transparent and viscous liquid. It can be easily dissolved in ...
Min. Order: 10 kg
Molecular Formula C9H10O3
Molecular Weight 166.18
CAS Registry Number 118-61-6
EINECS 204-265-5
FEMA 2458

Name Ethyl salicylate
Synonyms Ethyl 2-hydroxybenzoate
Ethyl cinnamate
CAS NO. 103-36-6
M. F: C11H12O2
M. W: 176.21
Appearance: Colorless or slightly yellow liquid

Purity: ≥ 99%
D-Alanine ethyl ester HCl

CAS#: 6331-09-5

Synonyms: Alanine, ethyl ester, hydrochloride, D- (8CI); D-Alanine, ethyl ester, hydrochloride(9CI); Ethyl D-alaninate ...
CAS No. 302-72-7
Standard: AJI97/FCCV/USP29
Purity: 98.5-101.0%
HACCP, ISO22000, ISO9001, Kosher, HALAL Certificate

DL-Alanine is the main raw material of ...
Performance and usage:
The product has fresh preservation and antiseptic actions. It can be used to processing bean products (such as, bean curd), meat products, juice beverage, ...
100%High Quality L-Alanine
Appearance: White crystal powder
Packing: 25KG/drum

100%High Quality L-Alanine
Appearance: White crystal powder
Packing: 25KG/drum ...
Name Ethyl L-alaninate hydrochloride
Synonyms L-Ethyl 2-aminopropanoate hydrochloride; L-Alanine ethyl ester hydrochloride
Molecular Structure
Molecular Formula C5H11NO2. HCl ...
Titanum Dioxide content (m/m) 93.1%
Rutile-type content 98.1%
pH 7.5